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The Adopt-A-Site (AAS) and the Adopt-A-Cabin (AAC) program is a privilege offered to pre-approved Timber Ridge owners and members. A limited number of specific RV sites and Cabins are designated for the program. Following are highlights of the program and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the cost?
The AAS fee is an additional $50 per month due no later than the first of each month. A late fee of $5 will apply if not paid by the first of the month. Participants may also pay an extra $10 per month to leave the electric on for the refrigerator only and/or $10 per month to leave a dehumidifier running. The $6.00 per night campground charge must also be paid for each night of usage.

The AAC fee is an additional $50 per month due no later than the first of each month. A late fee of $5 will apply if not paid by the first of the month. You are entitled to stay 2 nights per month at the rate of only paying for the cabin cleaning fee of $18, normal rates apply after the 2 nights. Participants are allowed to personalize the cabin with approval from management. They are also provided a storage box for personal belonging to remain on site. The Cabin is still rented out to others when not reserved by the AAC participant.

How do I get an Adopt-A-Site/Cabin?
The program is usually full with a waiting list maintained at the office.  In order to be placed on the list, your dues must be current and you must have no outstanding fines.

What are the minimum stay requirements?
AAS participants must stay a minimum of two nights per month in their RV beginning May 1st through October 31st.  The owner/member must be the person(s) staying at the Adopt-A-Site in order for the time to count towards the minimum commitment.

AAC participants have no minimum stay requirements and have the option to have 3 reservations on the books at any given time.

Do I still have to make reservations and register at the office?
Yes, participants must abide by the same rules and regulations.

Can I stay longer than 14 days in my Adopt-A-Site/Cabin?
No, participants must still abide by the 14 days per calendar month usage of the resort rule. The only exception is for owners/members having more than one ownership/membership.

How long can I keep the site?
The AAS/AAC program is renewable yearly at the discretion of management. As long as all fees and dues are current and no violations of the contract have occurred, you will most likely be allowed to remain in the program.

What upkeep of the site is expected of me?
AAS Participants agree to maintain the RV site which includes weed control, leaf/debris removal, periodic RV washing, deck staining, etc. Beautification of the site such as flower planting may be done at the participant's discretion. Modifications to the site may not be made without the approval of management.

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